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Mgr. Gracija Bogaceva. Lawyer in Prague

Mgr. Gracija Bogaceva graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Western Bohemia in Pilsen in 2011. Since 2012 she worked as a clerk in the law firm VORSILKA-STRANSKA-PAZDERA, since 2013 she works in the same position in the law firm Vorsilka Prokupek – advokatni kancelar s.r.o. (Vorsilka Prokupek – law firm)

Mgr. Gracija Bogaceva specializes in civil and commercial law, secures transfers of real-estate, legal regulations concerning residence permits for foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic (temporary, long-term and permanent residence and citizenships). She also specializes in rent disputes, particularly in disputes on outstanding rent or in concluding international contracts.

Mgr. Bogaceva provides legal services in Czech, Russian, and English.

Mgr. Gracija Bogaceva


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