Vorsilka Prokupek - law firm | Czech law office in Prague
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Czech law office in Prague

Our law firm concentrates on all areas of law; we provide legal services in commercial, civil, administrative and criminal laws and specialize in defense of clients in lawsuits.

We represent our clients in all types of procedures before courts and administrative authorities and we conclude all kinds of contracts. We specialize in problem-solving of even the most complex issues. We guarantee discretion, confidentiality, trust, reliability and defense of our clients. We defend our clients in all circumstances and we will help them with even the most difficult situations.

Our attorneys can speak Czech, Slovak, English and Russian to our clients. We have sufficient administrative facilities and technical equipment allowing for modern and fast manner of communication, access to legal regulations, case laws and literature and also allowing transparent and efficient office work. Our offices are located in the very center of Prague, which facilitates fast communication with the authorities.

We perform advocacy according to Act no. 85/1996 Coll. on Advocacy and are able to provide complex legal services in all areas of the law and with emphasis on speed, quality and creative approach when searching for optimal and proper solution for our clients.

Advocacy is provision of legal support to clients in all spheres of the law. It includes solving of various issues and situations and its aim is suitable setting of legal relations, dealing with disputes, enforcement of personal claims and defense of clients against third party claims etc.

Our services

Our attorneys represent clients in all kinds of court proceedings

We will help you in setting up business and is able to take care of your planned activities

We will propose suitable real-estate for your business or residence

We offer complex legal and financial backing of developer projects

The content of contracts to be signed is very important

We provide legal support in the sphere of overdue receivables

We represent our client in various administrative procedures

We specialize on various services regarding the financial markets.

Our attorneys

JUDr. Jiří Voršilka

JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka

JUDr. Vladislav Prokůpek

JUDr. Vladislav Prokupek

Mgr. et Ing. Regina Stránská

Mgr. et Ing. Regina Stranska

Mgr. Petr Pazdera

Mgr. Petr Pazdera

Mgr. Radomír Přibyl

Mgr. Radomir Pribyl

Mgr. Barbora Schmidtova

Mgr. Maxim Melkonov

Mgr. Maxim Melkonov

Mgr. Gracija Bogaceva