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Czech attorney enforcement of receivables

Our firm offers legal support in the sphere of overdue receivables, where our attorneys attempt to improve the legal positions of our client and to select a suitable strategy for further procedure. Our effort is to obtain enforcement of receivable in judicial or extrajudicial way. We deem fundamental to know the intentions of the debtor, based on which we can opt for the most suitable way of receivable enforcement.

It is necessary to realize that the failure to pay a receivable is a certain error in debtor’s behaviour, which may have various causes and which may indicate future bankruptcy. The said situation cannot be solved without sufficient experience. Success in such cases often depends on the combination of means used.

In the field of civil law we mainly orientate in:

  • Family law, particularly care for minors, settlement of common assets of spouses
  • Rights of leasing companies
  • Law and protection of competition
  • Consumer protection
  • Compensation of damage
  • Insurance benefits
  • Obligation law, including adjustment of obligations from torts
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