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Legal services in Prague

Each one of us can get into a situation, when a dispute between parties cannot be solved by an agreement and voluntary fulfillment of obligations cannot be achieved. It may be either the result of a real dispute about the legal interpretation between parties or as a result of intentional actions of person, who is to fulfill a certain obligations. The resulting dispute then cannot be solved amicably and no result can be achieved without a court ruling. In cases like these, out law firm is prepared to secure complex and professional legal service including a legal analysis of the situation, attempt at extrajudicial agreement, filing o a lawsuit and subsequent representation in court procedures.

We always strive to achieve the best strategy for the given case, with emphasis on legal awareness and knowledge of court practice. We represent our clients on a daily basis and can thus estimate the result of court proceedings and to do maximum for the final success. We are prepared to react to any changes in the situation and our strategy is amended according to the relevant and updated case laws. We are constantly monitoring the rulings of the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court and utilize the information from these rulings during the enforcing of our clients’ rights.

Services of our law firm:

  • Representing clients in court proceedings
  • Establishing companies and ensuring changes in business companies, transfer of shares in companies
  • Ensuring the transfer of real-estate, including attorney safekeeping, real-estate administration, cooperation during obtaining of a mortgage loan, developer construction
  • Concluding of contracts and ensuring of performance of existing contracts
  • Enforcement of receivables and their ensuring
  • Representation of clients in administrative proceedings of all kinds
  • Defense in criminal proceedings, particularly when involving white collar crimes
  • Representing the injured party in criminal proceedings
  • Complex legal service for investment companies and investment funds, including the liquidation of investment funds and collective investment funds
  • Complex legal service to stock traders
  • Complex legal service to leasing companies
  • Legal audits / verification of legal relations when buying companies and enterprises
  • Law relating to economic competition in relation to the Office of the Protection of Competition
  • Legal counselling in all areas of laws
  • Securing of long-term and permanent residence of foreigners on the territory of the Czech Republic
  • Registration of financial institutions, providers of small-scale payment services, payment institutions and e-money institutions or small-scale e-money issuers

Defending clients in court proceedings

One of our most sought-after services is representation of our clients in court proceedings. Attorneys and clerks of our office represent clients in all kinds of court proceedings, mainly in civil, commercial and criminal proceedings.

Corporate law and business relations

Our office will help you in setting up business and is able to take care of your planned activities. We can ensure the foundation of limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships or public companies.

Real-estate transfers

We will propose suitable real-estate for your business or residence. We will handle all negotiations with the seller and prepare the relevant purchase contracts.

Developer projects

Our office offer complex legal and financial backing of developer projects. Our services include verification of initial project documentation (e.g. due diligence).

Contract signing

A contract is the most common legal act that establishes legal relations between parties and it may include various rights and obligations. The content of contracts to be signed is very important.

Enforcement of receivables

Our firm offers legal support in the sphere of overdue receivables, where our attorneys attempt to improve the legal positions of our client and to select a suitable strategy for further procedure.

Representation in administrative procedures

We represent our client in various administrative procedures ranging from misdemeanors, torts through procedures before building authorities, industrial ownership authorities or in procedures involving the issuance of long-term or permanent residence permits to foreigners.

Financial market

Our firm specializes in providing various services to the financial market. We are able to prepare legal documents and ensure registration of financial institutions, provides of small-scale payment services etc.