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Real-estate transfers in Prague

Real-estate transfers

We will propose suitable real-estate for your business or residence. We will handle all negotiations with the seller and prepare the relevant purchase contracts. In this respect we are also able to ensure adequate safekeeping of money.

In respect to real-estate purchase, we can also secure the lease of the purchased real-estate and its further administration, including insurance contract and service provision contracts.

Mortgage loans

If you do not have sufficient finances for the real-estate, we will help you with securing of a mortgage loan and during negotiations with financial institutions. We are able to select the best possible mortgage conditions.

In respect to real-estate law, our law firm provides particularly the following:

  • Legal help in the sphere of real-estate, civil engineering and residential law
  • Contracts of all types respecting the individual need of a given case
  • Legal representation before administrative authorities
  • Counseling and service in the sphere of tax and financial laws
  • Help in ensuring related activities: Public Notary services, securing of expert opinions and certificates of all kinds, including appraisal, auditor services, auctionservices, translation services in the sphere of law – cooperation with experts and competent individuals in all of the above
  • Purchase of assets from bankruptcy estate, negotiations with bankruptcy administrators
  • Ensuring loans for real-estate financing up to 150 mil. CZK (6 mil. EURO)
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