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Contract signing in Czech Republic

A contract is the most common legal act that establishes legal relations between parties and it may include various rights and obligations. The content of contracts to be signed is very important. It is not merely enough that the contract is formally without defects, it much more important that the contract leads to a result that the client wishes, we have this target set for all our contracts and we guarantee conformity between contracts wording and client’s expectation.

We ensure, prepare and agree particularly following contracts:

  • Real-estate transfer contracts
  • Purchase contracts on delivery of good and movable assets
  • Contracts for work
  • Enterprise sale contracts
  • Contracts on sale of securities
  • Contracts on sale of commercial shares
  • Commission contracts
  • Mediation contract
  • Contracts of representation
  • Contracts for receivable transfer
  • Liability collection contracts
  • License contracts
  • Lease contracts
  • Leasing contracts of all types
  • Contracts on establishing liability guarantees (pledge contracts, warranties, contracts on transfer of rights)
  • Contracts adjusting the relations between spouses and on the settlement of common assets of spouses
  • Contracts on termination of contractual relationships including unilateral withdrawal from a contract
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