Vorsilka Prokupek - law firm | Lawyer in Prague. JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka
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Lawyer in Prague. JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka

JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague in 1982, then worked at the District Court for Prague 8 and subsequently as a judge of the District Court for Prague 8 and as of 1983 he was named judge of the District Court for Prague 1. Since 1989 he worked as a judge at the Municipal Court in Prague. He decided to enter the profession of an attorney, when he started working as an attorney in a law firm Pelikanova, Vorsilka, Zoufaly a partneri, then Vorsilka, Zoufaly a partneri since 1998. In 2002, he became the co-founder of a law firm VORSILKA-STRANSKA-PAZDERA.

In 2013, together with JUDr. Vladislav Prokupek, he founded the law firm Vorsilka Prokupek – advokatni kancelar s.r.o. (Vorsilka Prokupek – law firm)

JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka specializes in civil and commercial law, particularly in economic competition, legal relations to real-estate and construction law, leasing contracts and insolvency law. He also works in the sphere in the financial law, banking and finances, legal regulations on the capital markets and securities or forex law. In 2015, JUDr. Vorsilka was listed as a liquidator of investment companies, collective investment funds and main administrator and listed as a person, who can be nominated as a trustee in bankruptcy of an investment company that manages a collective investment fund or a comparable foreign investment fund and a collective investment fund managed by the Czech National Bank. JUDr. Vorsilka provides legal services also in the area of criminal law and administrative procedures. He applies his experience in court and arbitration proceedings.

JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka provides legal services in Czech, Russian, and English.


JUDr. Jiri Vorsilka

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